What did they know that we don’t know today? 

Oh but that’s precisely why I talk about it.  It’s the duty of the older generations to pass on arcane knowledge of their generation to the younger generation so that a thread formsbetween generations and connects things we have in common.

There has been a rise in the interest of Retrogaming among GenZ as well as learning arcane programming languages and text adventures and in a way, it makes sense.  The parents/uncles/aunts/grandparents of GenZ were into this stuff… and they pass it on sort of directly, but even moreso – the youtube personalities they like were also influenced by this stuff – and the people who make the cartoons also were into this stuff, and there are references to past generations all over the place in the entertainment world, as well as within games.

If you think back to when you were younger, wasn’t there a time you were interested in “Classic Rock” or the “Old School” way of doing things?  Every generation has that bit; and while you’re right that the era defines a generation – at the same time… it’s possible to form bridges.

After all, people of intelligence of any age eventually ask the question, “Where did [this] come from?” which often sparks a journey into a before unseen netherworld of history that stretches back beyond the years of their life and into the years proceeding….

I find the years before my birth to be a strange mysterious place which is what makes it fascinating as well as confusing.  What did they know that we don’t knowtoday?

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