What are your thoughts about “Juice Bars”?

Date:         Wed, 20 May 1992 23:52:00 EDT

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Subject:      Juice Bar
What are your thoughts about "Juice Bars"?
I've considered opening up a "Juice Bar" for everyone, but gearing towards
teenagers.  This would be a place to get away from the "normal" bordem
or crisis and to just relax.  Right now, there really isn't any place for
people under 18/21 to go except school, and that's not usually much of a
meeting place.
Arguements against:  "It'll keep kids from doing their homework"
                     "They'll spend less time with `the family'"
                     "They'll get used to the bar environment and
naturally progress to the alchohol bars when older"
Any thoughts?  I know they exist, but I've never seen one here in my state
of New Jersey, nor in my college state of Massachusetts.  Something akin to
"Arnold's" in "Happy Days" is the style I'm thinking of, although allowing
for people to sit by themselves.
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