What are your goals, and how w

What are your goals, and how will college help you reach those goals?

My goal is to be the first in my family to get some kind of college degree. This is my third time going to school. The first to a college with no tests or grades, which was wonderful. But because I could not finish due to money, none of it could carry over except that I went. (Hampshire College, Amherst MA)

10 years later, I took 24 credits worth at a New Jersey community college.

20 years after that, since I had a ne ==ph ew starting college in Naples, Florida, I decided to finish what I started remotely and FSCJ hit all the right notes for a good fit for a solid remote school more than others. He ended up not going to college but since I was here, I might as well try. 

After a packed Fall 2024 and even more full full Spring 2024, along with a handful of CLEP exams, I’m _nearly_ at enough credits for an AA at FSCJ.

And so, the goal is the thing itself. I may continue further but this alone will be a surprise if I succeed. 

What do you expect to learn from this course?

Useful, practical mathematics that goes beyond what I’d learned in high school that can apply to life. I had taken MGF-1106 and had heard that MGF-1107, while covering some similar areas, does so in a VERY different way. That intrigues me. I already enjoy some theoretical mathematics (the concepts, including history of math) but actually working with math is something that was always difficult for me. I expect to enjoy the history of counting systems and the rest? Fingers crossed. 

What are you trying to balance in your life besides school?

Mostly managing a house with a bunch of people in it. No idea how I ended up here but here I am. 

What is your favorite activity outside of school?

Talking about various topics online. I’ve been doing that since the days of green screen dumb terminals when the internet was young and I’ve never lost my love for the ability to connect with people around the world and meet minds. 

What is one thing about yourself that is unique?

I am an amalgam of everything I’ve ever heard or seen, experienced and imagined. It comes together in a way that’s never been done before and never will again. No two things in the universe are truly the same, moreso in objects as complex as humans and human societies. This amazes me and I think keeps me perpetually curious and interested in everything – and grateful to whatever for the opportunity to experience whatever I’m capable of. Born at 26 weeks in a day where survival was rare, being half deaf/half-blind with some minor sensory and cognitive processing issues as a consequence is a wonderful thing; it allows me to appreciate capabilities and potential in others and to give myself kudos when I’ve exceeded what I thought I could do before. 

Apologies for the length but they were good prompt questions. 

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