What are the psychology of analysis paralysis th

What are the psychology of analysis paralysis that they have studied for that a suspect May be true
Kenneth Udut
5/1/2013 3:19 PM

What are the psychology of analysis paralysis that they have studied for that a suspect May be true

In my current form, I have the analysis paralysis as if there are tripwires around you and you were trying to catch butterflies i.e. thoughts that are coming in and out of your subconscious

Butterflies bats and birds. Now, if the butterflies are just out of reach, and you know if you step into one of those tripwires, then the floor may open up and you go sliding down into a new area into a decision into a direction that will take up your time, mental energy, in other words your life for a certain period of time. The decision eliminates the other Possibilities.

What often happens, is this is the point where you have to ask yourself: what am I avoiding?

The paralysis what am I avoiding!

It can be something stupid: but it’s not. Because, you are paralyzed. You cannot move. You cannot think. So in my case, it’s laundry that I was avoiding. I didn’t want to do it right now. But, I would not allow myself to think that, because I judged it to be a stupid thought. And not worth articulating even with in my own mind.

So I stood there, frozen. Also adding to it, is that I had entered this room with a thought in mind. However, as soon as I entered the doorway, the thought went away. So I was left with that fleeting tip of the tongue I just” forgot something” feeling. Because, I forgot to bring it (the thought) with me into this room.

Also another common cause of analysis paralysis, is the fact that you are missing a key piece of information to make a decision. It’s a key piece of information about something you don’t care about. But, you know you should do it. But, you cannot move without it. It is a does not compute moment. But now, since I had left the room and come back, I found out that the Washing machine was free. Then I could go into my room, and now, decide calmly to do it or not, without analysis paralysis.

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