we’ve in effect created a 3rd map between us that we can explore together

‘m in complete agreement with you. Physical bruises heal up, but wrecking somebody’s mapitory (can I say that?) is far too easily done. I like using humor or at least meeting people part way on their map and try to analogize my map with theirs and theirs with mine to reach a sense of agreement between two people and from there, we’ve in effect created a 3rd map between us that we can explore together, without disturbing our own maps unless we _choose_ to.

[original post I’m responding to below]:

I’m completely fine with a person’s map becoming their territory for two reasons. First, that’s exactly how real experience seems and how it affects us. I don’t experience photons exciting electrons in my skin producing a sensation of heat. I feel warm sunlight. Experience IS METAPHORICAL, for all of us. Second, treating his map as his territory is his perogative — it’s HIS MAP. He can do what he wants with it.

Only when people start generalizing their maps as territory to others do we start having problems. I even accommodate a great deal of this. After all, their maps might (and often are) more useful, accurate, powerful, etc., than mine is. Trying theirs on for size is *learning*. Accommodating each others’ maps as territory is much of what *friendship* consists of — “entering into another’s world” and supporting them in it. None of that is very problematic.

But when people IMPOSE their maps-cum-territories on other people, they cross a line and violate mutual regard for each other’s dignity. They subordinate other persons by subordinating their maps/territories to their own. Crossing that line is the crux of interpersonal violation, the conception of all violence, because degrading the treasure, the heart, the very apprehension of reality of another is a seminally violent act.

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