“We’re all made of Star-Stuff” – Krauss? Carl Sagan? Nope. They copied.

“We’re all made of Star-Stuff” – Krauss?  Carl Sagan?  Nope.  They copied.
1918: the President of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Albert Durrant Watson:
It is true that a first thoughtful glimpse of the immeasurable universe is liable rather to discourage us with a sense of our own insignificance. But astronomy is wholesome even in this, and helps to clear the way to a realization that as our bodies are an integral part of the great physical universe, so through them are manifested laws and forces that take rank with the highest manifestation of Cosmic Being.
Thus we come to see that if our bodies are made of star-stuff,—and there is nothing else, says the spectroscope, to make them of—the loftier qualities of our being are just as necessarily constituents of that universal substance out of which are made
“Whatever gods there be.”
We are made of universal and divine ingredients, and the study of the stars will not let us escape a wholesome and final knowledge of the fact.

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