Well, the point being a) you

Well, the point being
a) you don’t get to be Pope being an idiot
b) the Vatican isn’t a bunch of ignorant ppl
c) The guy up there presuming they were stuck his foot in his mouth saying something like that.

Besides, the point of view they’re making on Climate change is from a moral and ethical point of view, exactly the territory that religions are supposed to comment on.  They’re agreeing with the UN on the science findings, an equally large organization.

This doesn’t mean they’re all correct.  But the Pope is leaving Science up to the Scientists and accepting their findings, and reporting on the moral/ethical repercussions.

But I’m biased against politicians in general, so this posting wasn’t much of a stretch :P


First mistake people make when stating an opinion against another person: Assuming the other person is an idiot.  Most people aren’t idiots, although they may say ridiculous things from time to time.
That’s my reading of the error in judgement the politician up above made.

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