well, the crash in 2008 was coming.

well, the crash in 2008 was coming.

The consolidations of the banks were very bad idea in the late 90s and subprime mortgages as a stopgap were a horrible idea, and everybody knew it

I was doing investing at 28 in 2000 and it was during a period of some changes between 99 and 2002 – and the handwriting for a big crash was on the wall, and it was just a matter of when

I was a contrarian investor which worked for me and so while the people around were doing enron investing and “dow at 30000” I was picking up forgotten gems, neglected countries, etc.

dot com crash was a disaster
9/11 was a disaster and we lost a whole bunch of rights

Afghanistan was never going to end

and I went through several booms and busts in real estate, where I live

 I got this house 21 years ago and so a lot of real estate ups and downs including 2008

in the 90s, there were rehab camps for teenagers, police were getting more and more power

in the 80s, my generation, teenage pregnancy was huge, all the kids were on drugs, or running away etc

do you know there was an ad I saw growing up that said

“Parents it’s 10 PM. Do you know where your children are?”

can you imagine that today?
or in the 2010s or 00s or 90s?

I think millennial generation was kept innocent by their parents for a long time

i’m not sure what you are at 42 – I don’t have the generations down pat – but I remember the rise of helicopter parenting

it was a backlash to run. I was growing up where parents didn’t pay attention – nobody did.

it’s not that my generation have more freedom – the adult generation was neglectful

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