Well, that’s all I have to say on that. I wrote until my fingers stopped.

Do you know why the distant past is so alluring?
It cannot change. It is fixed.
Future lay in fluidity. Change. You are change.
You have a birth date, a – and a death date. You know your birth date. You don’t know your death date. You are in the “-” right now.
You don’t remember before you were born.
You won’t remember after you die.
(Maybe you did and will but this is sake of argument)
Any impact you have in future’s past will happen during the –
Look at you today. You did something in the past that impacted the present. You’re doing something today that is impacting the future. Stories of the dead are alluring, fixed, unchanging, stable. The – is not. Your birth and death dates are fixed like Ghengis Khan and Alexander the Great. You can’t do anything outside of that range that you will be aware of.
Ghengis Khan is unaware of you.
Alexander the Great is unaware of you.
You will be unaware of who you affect after you die if you do.
So now you have a – that’s you. Lament the world around you? Ok. You can lament for 5 minutes a day, an hour a day. Pick a time to lament. Pick a time to worry.
But then when you’re a – you can effect change. In what or whom? I don’t know. But the opportunities present themselves hundreds of little times a day. Sparkling opportunities. Choices and decisions abound. Most are little things but there are no little things when they’re alive and changing. You’re an agent. Of historical record? Of lamenting the present? Of laughing? You can be an agent of laughter. An agent of lament. An agent of informing about history.
Or maybe an agent of change?
Well, that’s all I have to say on that. I wrote until my fingers stopped.
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