Well, thankfully I’m 43 years old now and this report card was from 1986. :P

“I’m glad that you’re good at English. Hooray!
However, understand this: no matter how smart or cool you think you may be (or are), the smart*est* thing you can do in high school is keep your grades up.
Believe it or not, your 9th grade scores count in your overall GPA, and colleges look at that.
If you approach all education with the same mindset that it seems you have with this English class, you’re setting yourself up to fail.
That is, unless you’re actually a genius, and not some derpy 14 year old kid that thinks he’s a special snowflake because he reads a lot and can write big words.”

Well, thankfully I’m 43 years old now and this report card was from 1986. :P

It’s how I thought about it then, and my thinking about it never changed.

And yes, I am a special snowflake.  I am also derpy, but I never failed. :P Don’t know if I’m a genius though, hence the :P

My grades were fine, despite the many dire predictions of dramatic consequences, I’ve done great since then as well :P

Sorry if my post was misleading  (not my intention) but I appreciate your comments :D

Let’s see, consequences of late work: Hm, ppl got mad at me.  The occasional grade got lowered. [B instead of A, occasional C].  But I knew the material.  SAT scores were through the roof.  I got the college of my choice.  Never finished, but that was financial not grade-wise, and I’ve done fine career, life happiness level and money-wise once I left the prison walls of academia. [although I mostly liked school, except for the whole “timing” thing]

So, do grades matter?  Somewhat. But it’s really the ‘big tests’ that colleges look for and a deep understanding of material is more important than the occasional dropped quarter grade due to lateness or laziness when the newest game just came out and the homework was stupid that day.  I made up for it in other ways in school by being attentive in class, asking and answering questions and stuff.
Honestly, I’d eliminate homework almost entirely if I was in charge.  But alas, I’m not.

Anyway, that’s a view from “the other side” and far away from high school. I’m no role model though – just sharing my story.
And thank you for giving me the opportunity to share it.  I appreciate the opinions you expressed above, as they gave me a chance for me to express myself.  It’s likely that you’re more correct than I am but I was never one for doing things standard.  It’s not that I wanted to be different – I just am.

I’m also glad that I appeared to be a smart 14 yr old.  I wasn’t trying to be – but it proves the point I often try to make that when it comes to intelligence and mental capabilities, age really doesn’t make as much difference as people think i does.  Just adding words and more stories to tell by having experiences but otherwise, not so different through the years. Oh, and you get some privileges at different ages – for example, I’m old enough to run for President now!  But I really don’t want to. Seems like a lot of talking.

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