well, no argument about the government spending money.

well, no argument about the government spending money.
But I’m sorry you’re against social programs. A lot of the waste is precisely within institutions such as military and police and in business perks, among other areas.
In which is cutting back budgets rewarded?
Unless something has changed, in both military and in police and in business alike; if you are dealing with hierarchies for which you must appeal for your quarterly or annual budget, you do not get rewarded for cutting back in your own department.
So you either strive to keep it the same or increase it, never decrease.
Such is a great source of invisible bloat; department by department by department.
People who have to deal with crappy landlords, a monthly threat of eviction, dealing with mafia-owned supermarket chains, etc don’t get quarterly budgets and annual budgets to pad.
They get scraps – and then the scraps get taken away so someone’s department can get a new set of computers or the latest middle management can get a newer vehicle because the other one is two years older than the fellow managers.

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