Well, it’s hard to know whether it’s deliberate or incompetence:

Well, it’s hard to know whether it’s deliberate or incompetence: I tend towards believing incompetence ruling over long-term planning, ’cause that’s what I see over and over again… but a long term plan is certainly possible. But… then I think of Microsoft Bob and I feel better again.

Yeah, I believe the ease of copying allowed it to get a foothold. I think it’s more a case that Microsoft is ungrateful for the benefit the pirating did for them.

Then again.. maybe they didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of Lotus 1-2-3: The ease of copying Excel vs the impossible task of copying Lotus 1-2-3 undoubtedly led to Excel taking over in the early 90s. So.. perhaps not so incompetent.


Just read this today. Here’s the big wigs of the ‘net: the founders of the modern net as we know it, which gives the flexibility for anarchy and corporate interests to exist… but pushing for a fundemantally decentralized system for the future.

And actually, it’s closest to the original vision – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intergalactic_Computer_Network The Intergalactic computer network, circa 1963.


I’ve noticed that physicists aren’t well versed in AI. Musk and Hawking – love them both – have said things that might be true of science fiction but not of AI. For that, you have to listen to computer engineers who are working on it.



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