… well… it means that person’s kinda stuck.

Just look up images for swag. It’s the word for ‘hot’ in 2011-15 so far. Works for male and female. The swag poses are hysterical honestly. What’s considered ‘hot’ in each generation changes. It’ll cure your ills. [I find word-changes fascinating – my last study was on the “dank meme” phenomenon and the way “smoke weed every day” in 2011-2015 = “chillax” of the 90s, and “chill out dude” of the 80s, etc.)

Teens are always trying to be ‘hot’ / ‘sexy’ etc. Makes them feel mature.

But yeah, after 27 yrs old or so, when someone says, “hot” as in sexy, i want to pick a mirror and show them their own faces and go, “Really?”.

I mean, what you find ‘hot’ when you’re 13/14 years old – if you STILL find the same thing ‘hot’ when you’re 20… and the _same_ thing ‘hot’ when you’re 30. and the _same_ thing ‘hot when you’re 40, 50, 60, 70, 80…

… well… it means that person’s kinda stuck.

I mean, it doesn’t mean they *have* to upgrade their interests with the times… but if they don’t, they’re gonna get some slaps in the face here and there for leering inappropriately…and watching friends drop away over time.

^apologies for somewhat judgmental post there ^ – I’m not trying to tell ppl ‘what’s appropriate or not’ per se… just noticing when middle age women leer at guys in their late teens + 20s, and middle age men leer at girls in the late teens + 20s…. it’s, well, leering. I still remember friends’ mothers who thought they were MILFs… and, well…. they weren’t. They were my friend’s moms. They… thought a little higher of themselves and it was awkward. I got out of it, but it was awkward.

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