Well if there was ever a li

Well if there was ever a link between science and religion – there ya go. Complain all you want to me; but I see less and less of a difference between following a path of science or a path of religion or both.

Getting God angry = Higgs-Boson at high energy levels.

God makes the shape/size of everything = Higgs-Boson makes shape and size of everything.

Understand Higgs-Boson through Science = Understanding God through Religion.

I’m seeing less and less difference between the sciences and religions now. But I know one thing: #stephenhawking knows how to write and sell books. He’s a really interesting character and comes up with fascinating ideas. Is he right? Who knows. He also said Time Travel wasn’t possible; but that’s the wonderful thing about theoretical physicists; they don’t have to be right. Just inspire people to think – and he does it very well. If he didn’t go into science, he would have made one *heck* of a preacher.

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