Well, I have a “hafta do it” project tomorrow.

Well, I have a “hafta do it” project tomorrow.
Covering up the top of our well because somebody crashed into the old structure with a stupid golf cart last year and we have small kids running around.

So, the easiest way I could figure out to do it is, I got some saw-horse braces and I’m going to put 4′ 2x4s into it and attach the old lattice-work that was around the box (it survived the crash) and put it around the A frame so it will have an “A” shaped tent around it instead of a box.

I’m trying to avoid digging TOO MUCH in the ground because… I.. don’t remember where the pipes are. We snaked PVC all around this property to water pigs we no longer have and to other parts of the property and we didn’t map any of it out. I get kinda annoyed when I start using the post hole digger so I know I’d just start slamming into the ground and next thing I know I have a pipe to fix, which I don’t wanna do… as the house is without water ’til I’m done and people are staring at me. tongue emoticon

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