Well, I can’t say I’m a fan of “defensive voting” tactics.

Well, I can’t say I’m a fan of “defensive voting” tactics. I know people who are “at least she’s not Trump” and people who say “at least he’s not Hillary”, and it baffles me tbh. First off, popular vote is popular vote. I see elections as ah opportunity to vote for your conscience. “strategic voting” might matter for the electoral college but for the people themselves (us), it’s an an opportunity to register one’s opinion. It’d be different if the popular vote was tallied and used.

The rest of the election, the popular vote counts of course, so voting _is_ still important.


Eh, a lot can happen between now and then. I don’t believe polls or rhetoric in this part of the process. It’s a horse and pony show, getting ppl excited.

What ACTUALLY happens on election day is the _only_ thing that matters.

I expect a huge segment of the vocal Trumpettes to stay home, over-confident in his victory, sipping on Mountain Dew and munching on Pizza Rolls.

Of course I could be wrong. They might prefer hot pockets, I dunno.


I also expect many people who *do* go out and vote who vocally hate Hillary Clinton will close the curtain and stare at their choices, go, “Oh fuck, this sucks”, checkbox Clinton and go home and take a shower.


Oh conspiracy folks. I don’t think they vote much. They think the cameras are following them. They’re all talk, no action, hanging around the Internet and conspiracy forums.


Oh, I know they do. They’re not all sitting at home writing rants on obscure forums. Plus, they have support: Radio hosts LOVE spitting out this stuff and have loyal followings. Same with Youtube stars. Preachers love to preach this stuff, etc.

It’s like my characterization of trump supporters: I know they’re not all internet bottom feeders, 4chan trolling unwanteds.

I’m friends with some, both in real life and online. Much intelligence and thought can go into arguments back and forth.

But I’m thinking of the not-quite-so-passionate people. How will they vote?

Remember the old saying about not talking about religion or politics?

I think, even in this climate, a majority of people _still_ follow that guideline. You won’t know their politics until they vote. They’re not engaged enough to bother with primaries but they make sure to go out and vote in November.

I’m not even saying they’ll all vote Clinton. Of course they won’t. But I think there’s been a more vocal over-representation of alt.right politics than i’ve ever seen before and very little vocal support for the opposition.

but then, there’s standard guidelines too: After 8 years a democrat, it’s likely a republican will come in.

Yet, this isn’t a standard republican. A Jeb Bush would’ve been a shoe-in, no contest. Standard politician with a gee-shucks personality.

Clinton’s a rather run-of-the-mill Democrat, except.. she’s HILLARY, the bane of Rush Limbaugh’s existence and those that followed his lead through the decades.

I remember him ranting about her back in the early 1990s. I had to listen to his show at a job I was at.

I hear the same stuff 20 years later. It’s amazing. I’ll give Rush Limbaugh credit: he started something: an attitude that continues to this day.


I’ve found a number of Clinton supporters online hiding in my friends’ list but it’s a funny thing: You won’t know it right away. She’s not popular to support. She’s popular to complain about.

A number of people have claimed “voter fraud” or low-information to explain her high numbers in the primaries. But it’s not that at all: What one group calls “inconsistent” another group considers “flexible”. The alt.right is a vocal bunch and show up everywhere, so to get on a public forum and declare, “I support Clinton” means a guaranteed battle with someone who brings in their friends to support them. I’ve seen it happen: it’s silly. So, those that turned out to be Clinton supporters learned to just be quiet and say nothing.

That’s my impression anyway. And really, when it comes to it, it doesn’t matter what people say at this point. Polls, whatever. It’s voting day that matters.

Myself? I don’t know who I’m voting for yet. I might even vote for Trump if he changed a few significant things. Unlikely but possible. I keep things open. I honestly expected him to court Sanders’ supporters better. The anti-Hillary campaign has gotten them a bit. Having shills and plants joining Sanders groups and putting in memes that lean people towards a Trump way of thinking has been somewhat effective.

But is it enough? I dunno. Aggressive tactics are fine for short term but do they have real long term impact or more importantly, impact when it counts?


Oh, and I also expect a number of standard Republicans to end up begrudingly voting for her. She’s got the realistic international corporate interests in mind. Can’t close borders. Can’t make it hard for China to do business with the USA. It’s silly. I kinda liked protectionism ’til I thought about it. Can’t see good coming out of it. But my idealism wants it. So, I dunno.


Well, in the end, I’m fine with any of ‘em. Presidential powers are limited by design. We’ve managed under all sorts of personalities.

I can’t see Trump killing the USA. I can’t see Clinton killing the USA. Checks and balances works. Not perfectly but it works.

So, I’m not overly worried in the end.


Well, we’re in an odd situation with the Supreme court. But still, even when we end up with a right leaning court, right leaning congress, right leaning president, there’s policy changes and yet, eventually, another president comes along, another congress, another lean for the supreme court, things change again.

Plus, any promises/threats of “efficient government” are automatically bullshit. It’s just not possible It’s functionally impossible, by design, for an efficient US government. The red tape is built into the very fabric of the system itself.

All the multiple departments. They fight each other. They slow things down. Bold promises during campaigns rarely materialize and if they do, it’s nothing like the original form.

As far as war goes? This is America. We war. We always war. So, no changes there.



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