well, FUNNY – so absurd an…”

Pam: Feminization of Boys – agreed 100%. Used to be boys were encouraged to be adventurous, take chances, learn to solve their own problems through inventiveness and creativity… and you’re right – for boys, there’s always football, which really is just about the last thing left thats in the ‘boys-only’ club. I agree in principle that some of the lines between sexes can be crossed or merged –… but there are always some things that are guy things, some things that are girl things. (and in the end, a kid should be encouraged to follow their interests (so long as they’re not truly life-threatening!) – sometimes boys like typically girl things and girls like typically boy things and that’s okay too – so long as it is really their interests).and Tom + Jerry really *is* a violent cartoon – but cartoon violence is, well, FUNNY – so absurd an… “

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