Well, aphoria is a particular is a case of XOR. Either this or that and no other alternatives.

Well, aphoria is a particular is a case of XOR. Either this or that and no other alternatives. NOR would NOT (necessarily) be a case of an aphoria because of the lack of exclusivity and OR is … wait forget what I said about NOR. It’s OR that’s not exclusive.


Well that’s the problem with aporias: They’re closed world. You’re there asking the question and you know something because you’re talking, thinking, asking the question. It’s the kind of argument that can be defeated by a 4 yr old watching someone spinning their head around in a closed loop.


Well, aporias I see as primarily a literary device – part of rhetoric. I remember pulling them on grownups as a kid when I wanted to get out of trouble.

Here’s a nice one from a literature page:

Don: We have a deal with the man.
Teach: With Fletcher.
Don: Yes.
Teach: We had a deal with Bobby.
Don: What does that mean?
Teach: Nothing.
Don: It don’t?
Teach: No.
Don: What did you mean by that?
Teach: I didn’t mean a thing.
Don: You didn’t.
Teach: No?
(American Buffalo by David Mamet)


Another great example from literature, Robert Frost – the last two lines are an aporia:

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

He took the road less traveled. But if he traveled it, it’s NOT less traveled – he’s 100% traveling it.

You can see where the logic is eating up his very words and actions.

or perhaps his words and actions are eating up the logic. The logic is eating itself up. Oroboros.


The aporia in western logic is equivalent to the buddhist koan. It’s used in much the same fashion: It’s got that “WOAH” factor to it when you really ponder them.

Paradoxes serve a similar function. Many paradoxes are actually easily resolved: In fact, they all are. But they require stepping outside for a moment. Unfortunately, that also ruins the magic of them, which only seems to happen when they are operating within their own framework with no other framework allowed to interfere.


Yeah – 0 contains all possibilities – it’s the placeholder for possibility itself because the 0 itself does not contain anything, yet holds the promise for containing everything. In a sense, this makes 0 greater than all of the infinities.


I always wanted to see 0 with a + or – (or both) to indicate both where it came from and where it’s going as well. Not sure how I’d write it, but it seems to me that a 0 was once something and will one day become something and it has direction even if it has no content. Or I could just be psychoogicaly projecting – I dunno tongue emoticon


I asked my nephew that (10) a few months ago. At first he was convinced the answer is 1 because zero of zero would have to be itself. But then he thought about it, and I could see the “mind-blown” moment in his face. But afterwards he recouperated and said that “nothing dividing by nothing has to be something because there’s no such thing as nothing as nothing is always something and 0 is a quantity or a lack of a quantity, not nothing, because nothing is impossible and even impossible is impossible making anything possible”.

I wrote it down – I had him repeat it to me three times so I could catch it all. I may have blown his circuits for a moment, but he returned the favor by fusing mine together.


I embarked on a meronym project with some hashtags I had transferred to subjects on the Internet archive yesterday. I was trying to find the possible “WHOLES” of which some of my subjects of 2.5 yrs worth of Vines (6 second videos – I uploaded 10,000 so far to them) might be PARTS OF.

I processed them through an online wordnet service, added the new subjects, so I could find hidden patterns in my own thinking.

Well, I ended up with a new top two:


So, I ran THAT through a thing tonight that I have finds the paths from one concept to another one, though wordnet. It gave me 9 different pathways to get there. Two went through “suffer”, one had Be and Experience as direct opposites, but THIS pathway was my favorite: Check this one:





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