We think we’re all powerful humans, but we’re not.

It’s a marvelous attitude towards other life forms but you’re not the first nor am I. Besides, humans *do* compensate trees and plants for the oxygen we breathe.

We do because we’re a part of the same ecosystem. We’re not superior nor inferior. We’re simply a “part of”.

For as much as we know about the ins and outs of balance in apparently self-regulating systems such as planetary weather, we hardly know squat. The program for predicting weather is millions of lines of COBOL, always being updated – a 50 year computer program in constant development.

And.. you know how accurate that is. Yet, it’s the best we can do.

We think we’re all powerful humans, but we’re not. If we blasted a continent with nuclear weapons, life would survive.

That’s what life does.

We’re tiny and overestimate our importance greatly. I’m just glad to be here to be a witness and chronicle my time here through experience and observation and occasional communication.

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