We take separation of church and state as the norm and everybody else as weird.. .but really,

It’s probably our separation of Church and State and our strong emphasis on secularism.

I have a friend from England (ok, I have a NUMBER of friends from England) and I was very surprised to learn that even now, most British prima
ry schools are C of E through and through. They do things in class that we couldn’t imagine in the USA.

We take separation of church and state as the norm and everybody else as weird.. .but really, on the world stage, it is we who are the oddballs in that regard. It’s not TOO far of a stretch to say “atheist” from secular… although it sounds _really strange_ to my ears too.

Oh I love my British friends – I’m a total Anglophile. I just wanted to let you know I had more than one tongue emoticon

The strange desire to try to move evangelical style Christianity into politics never seemed normal to me. I don’t really seem them as Christian, as I never encountered anybody like that until I was in my early 20s and even then, it was once.

I also never too TV evangelists seriously for the same reason. I consider them entertainers – because they ARE entertaining… but as a serious religion? naw. I see Christians as stemming from the standard groups you might find in a phone book, not the roll your own church variety. Can’t take them seriously. tongue emoticon


eah, I never thought twice about atheism in the past. Never encountered ppl like those from the new movement. Used to be more akin to humanism.

But the new movement has lost its humanist element and replaced with evangelical style pulpit preaching. Quacks like a duck and all that.

The distinction is so obvious it can be seen 1/2 way around the world too, so at least it’s not just me smile emoticon

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