We should arrest test writers who write word problems like these for students: [original]

can we arrest the test creators that write word problems like these for students to take – like this:   “Larry has 8.25 lollipops and is traveling on a train going 8.23 km eastsoutheast with winds gusting at regular intervals of 9.2 seconds, while Molly is sweating because she popped the top of her soda can whose gasses are escaping at a velocity of 12.3 cm per second in a steady wind. She is standing on a hill 23 feet away from the approaching train. The ambient temperature is 87F and the internal temperature of the train is 20C. The time is 23:26:22.

When will Larry be able to spit out 1/2 of the 1/4 lollipop he is eating at Molly so that the gas can return to the can and not hit her in face, preventing a makeup tragedy?

Conversion charts are to the side.

[original by KU for Mark Bloom]

These people who write these things need to be arrested for sme kind of mental abuse.

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