^We not only travel through space,^

^We not only travel through space, we also travel through time. Tick-Tock, Goes the Clock. 1, 2, 3. If you add up your motion through space (which may feel like zero if you're sitting still) – and your motion through time, it equals: The Speed of Light! Yes! We are always travelling at the speed of light. The energy you're NOT using to travel through space IS Time. That's where time comes from – Speed of Light minus Time = How fast you're moving. Speed of light minus the speed you're moving = speed of Time. That's why time slows down when you speed up. Space and time are forever together – they are part of the same thing, the fabric of reality. This was Einsteins greatest gift to humanity, and 106 years later, we STILL can't fathom it. -Ken^

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