We may have to return to seeing what evil truly looks like before revisiting humanism again.

We may have to return to seeing what evil truly looks like before revisiting humanism again.

I don’t think we’ve lost it altogether.

But these days, to stay strong requires constant vigilance and a willingness to fight for it.


Evil is around us and has always been. But a stronger message of distrust towards humanistic sources of information is currently overwhelming.

Previously, we believed there were strong powers that could do grand things around the planet for humanistic reasons.

But we’ve been taught as of late to distrust the narratives we’ve known and are instead beginning to trust other narratives from other lands.

A swap is taking place. The centers of power are shifting.

What doesn’t help is that the sources we once trusted have taken advantage of their positions and done wrong. This causes us to distrust everything they say.

This would be ok if it wasn’t for the thing that’s happening simultaneously:

We begin to trust almost wholly an *alternative* media nearly without question simply because it counteracts the narratives of our regular information sources.

But whose to say THAT narrative isn’t also tainted?

Well, it is. All of the sources are. Bias is inescapable.

But is it better to believe “this over that”?

At the moment, we’re left floating, looking for a solid narrative of goodness and humanity _somewhere_. If we don’t trust our own, we trust someone else’s.

The solution for me, instead of “ours or theirs” has been to see “how far can I trust” [x] narrative and where does it veer off?

i trust none of them completely: everybody has an angle.

But people have complained about lack of journalistic integrity since the 1950s and even long before that.

I guess at the moment, nothing’s really changed.except there’s a few naked emperors who really need to put some clothes on again.



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