We lived beyond our means growing up so we could do better. Capitalism infused into every decision somewhere, even today. So, I don’t romanticize it.

We lived beyond our means growing up so we could do better. Capitalism infused into every decision somewhere, even today.

So, I don’t romanticize it.


I 100% believe you. I’m not looking to get what you had.

I just want you to believe me that capitalism isn’t the rosy answer as it’s not.

A hybrid solution is the thing and finding a good balance.


I know – and I expect that. But it’s a democratic govt that’s a bit more fair than an authoritarian form of socialism, not capitalism.


I’m saying that a pure capitalist state is not an ideal worth shooting for. That’s all.


I believe in America. All of it. Our checks and balances. Our sense of justice. Opportunity. Security. Welfare. It’s a decent place.

I don’t want Communist Romania. I don’t want Communist Russia. I don’t want Communist Cuba.

What I want is America to improve in its failings and do better.

Right now, it’s going in a bad direction but it’s capable of improvement. That’s all.



America is so FAR into capitalism it NEEDS a bit of socialism.Just a bit. A smidgeon. A tad. Not much. It’s on the verge of losing all of its social programs.
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There isn’t a single US politician that is coming close to Socialism. Sanders and Warren, who are probably the “furthest left” are politically center-left at most.

Nobody’s even close to socialism. Most politicians in the US are center to center-right, with Tucker Carlson on the far right extreme.

I don’t know anybody who is all the way on the Socialist side that’s of any significance in US politics or media.


I never read Marx and left academia with only a toe enough in to get early exposure to internet (1990/91).

I don’t understand all of the theoretical fascination with socialism just as I do not understand all of the theoretical fascination with capitalism.

Invisible hand of the market is as much a ghostie fraud (what is a rational man?) as is the notion of good-will-among-all as a driving force of society.

US Constitution is a strong document and it’s through knowing US processes well that I have my focus. I’m a pragmatist which can be confusing to the theoretically focused.


that’s why there’s unions. In a purely capitalist society, you subjugate a group of folks so that they have no choice but to do sewers for low wages.

That’s what happened to t-shirts. My t-shirt’s made in El Salvador.


I looked at my new pack of T-shirts, “Made in El Salvador” and I said a quick “thank you” to the child laborers and wished them well in my head.

But I’d rather this not be the way we do things. We can do better. That’s all I want. Not a replacement.


Venezuela is America’s prize. We’ve been destablizing its govt for a few decades now to gets its raw material.

It’s why I hate US foreign policy. Always did.


For its promise of civil rights? that’s why I like America. We fail with veterans and homeless and folks in Arkansas and inner cities constantly but once beyond a certain income bracket it’s a decent place.

But our foreign policy? It’s not hard to see why some nations hate us.




I give up for now. Here: I have Turning Point USA blocked as I’ll never forgive how deceitfully they twisted Hans Rosling’s AMAZING work on poverty and population with their ridiculous “gumball analogy”.
But they still show up occasionally even though I blocked them.
And since I’m a minority in this group, I’ll give what you’d like. Peace offering. I already think it’s trash and won’t watch it and could go into detail WHY Turning Point and PragerU mislead regularly.
But I won’t. Enjoy. You have a right to your views and sorry for causing a fuss.
 I made my case as thoroughly and logically as I could, given my damaged mental state. Whether what I said falls on deaf ears and as to why they may be deaf, you may be in a better position to know such things than I.

Thank you for listening to my position rationally and not simply stereotyping.


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