We know this because, vectors.

I’ll summarize:
We’re can’t be made of numbers because numbers aren’t fundamental.
We know this because, vectors.
This is why consciousness is special and can’t fully be calculated.
Kurzweiill is wrong.
We have free will.
You are not a computer.

That is the gist of it. I loved watching him get excited about it. His enthusiasm was great to watch!


I, too, don’t understand everything I see either. i love being overwhelmed with people talking way above my head: it gives me something to reach for and try to figure out.

Like the guy in this video was over my head and yet, I could get the gist of what he was saying. Then I could pretend I understood all of it (like I did below tongue emoticon ) – when really, I just got the ‘gist’ of it myself grin emoticon



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