We have a bear problem though. They’re docile but annoying, like big raccoons.

lol ah, the part of Naples I live in isn’t the Golf course ritzy area. It’s the woods. Golden Gate Estates – home of the largest platted subdivision in the world. [read: The largest Suburb in the world].

“If you believe that, I got a piece of swampland to sell you.” Remember that joke?

Yeah, this is the swampland they were selling! It’d likely this piece along was bought and rebought a dozen times over by those scam artists but by the time we came along, Titles were all cleared I’m sure.

I’d love to go aggie. Tried growing tomatoes for about 8 yrs in a row, with varying levels of success. Did great, did poorly – bugs always win. Organic was impossible as much as I tried.

Tomatoes grew better in NJ.

Yeah, I believed all the aggie stuff from “Camp Hamp” ’til I tried to make it a reality. THAT’S when I found out that all that crap’s expensive and I was a scholarship kid who wasn’t able to finish.

Still, I’d love to have air conditioning done by ground temperature… have a mosquito misting system with all natural crysanthamums instead of derivitives… grow my own garden for all our food.. have cows, sheep and stuff… *sigh*

We do have chickens though -and we raised pigs a bunch of times [just 2 at a time] – great waste food disposals.

Usually though, it’s just cheaper/easier to go to Walmart or even Publix – I like Publix.

We have a bear problem though. They’re docile but annoying, like big raccoons. This morning, my mother watched a bear walk into the front porch, slowly grab some garbage someone else left there (not me) and walk off, come back, then the cubs came by. I had to build a special cage for garbage to bear proof it. Pretty proud of it – and THAT’s after 4 failures. They are hungry!

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