We gotta be cowboys in search of new Indians.

That was brilliant. like emoticon like emoticon like emoticon and… embarrasses me _again_ for being a part of a country that helped the creation of the conditions which led the group forming in the first place.

Yes, it has very little to do with religion at all. They could’ve formed around a Hitchens writing for all that it matters. The bad guys were bad but when we removed the bad guys, we offered nothing but shit on a stick in return. They pissed? Yup. Do I blame them for being pissed? Nope. With every wrong step we make the situation worse. Diplomacy, as always is the answer. It always _is_ the eventual answer and will *be* the eventual answer.

But what happens ’til that point is reached?

A mess. As always. We gotta be cowboys in search of new Indians.

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