‘We converse, I reflect and adapt, therefore I am.’

‘We converse, I reflect and adapt, therefore I am.’
Communicative Introspective Adaptivism (CIA) is a framework for understanding self, knowledge, and truth. It’s different from Cartesian reasoning, which emphasizes individual thinking and rationality as the foundation for existence and truth (“I think, therefore I am”).

Here’s a simplified way of explaining CIA to someone who is grounded in Cartesian reasoning:

1. Communicative: While Descartes places importance on individual thought, CIA places equal, if not greater, emphasis on communication. For CIA, the interaction and feedback from others is crucial in forming a comprehension of truth. So instead of “I think, therefore I am,” it could be more like “We converse, therefore I am.”

2. Introspective: Descartes encourages introspection and self-analysis, and CIA also values this. But unlike Cartesian reasoning, where introspection often serves to reaffirm one’s existence and rationality, introspection in CIA serves as a tool for constantly questioning one’s thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions.

3. Adaptivism: Cartesian reasoning promotes a clear and stable view of the self and the world, grounded in rationality. In contrast, CIA promotes a more fluid and adaptable understanding of self and reality. The ‘truths’ in CIA are subject to constant revision and adjustment based on new experiences, communication, and introspection.

To sum it up, you might say: “Communicative Introspective Adaptivism is about the ongoing conversation – with others and with oneself – and the constant questioning and adaptation that shapes our understanding of existence and truth. Unlike Cartesian reasoning, which tends to prioritize stability and rationality, CIA values fluidity, adaptability, and interaction. It’s less ‘I think, therefore I am,’ and more ‘We converse, I reflect and adapt, therefore I am.'”

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