We can’t escape our boxes as long as we’re human.

It’s boxes inside of boxes inside of boxes inside of boxes.
We can’t escape our boxes as long as we’re human.
Even non-human explanations to us will still be human interpretations of non-human explanations.
AI won’t escape that because it’s contained within the box of human creations and we won’t even see the limitations because they will appear normal to us.

Thankfully we have imagination, which is ALSO contained within the human box. But it allows us to empathize and imagine other perspectives.

Imagining THAT we are directly knowing reality is _probably_ the closest we can get.

It’s not delusional because it’s perfectly human, within the human box. It’s true for us to be that way and do things that way.

But we can no know other way.

That being said, that’s where pragmatism comes into play.
[or rather, being practical, to use the more common word]

It’s more practical to consider our apprehensions of reality; at least some of them as absolutely solid apprehensions of reality. It helps us do more to believe that we _could_ possibly apprehend reality “as it is”.

Still, I like being continually reminded of the human box I will always be in. It keeps me from getting overly cocky and seeing all of these humanly created systems which we use to get to some kind of truth-values as “as good as I’m going to be able to get”.

And thankfully, due to having human imagination, I can imagine living in other life forms and gaining other perspectives. They’re still human perspectives of what so-and-so’s perspective might be like, but it’s something and actually a lot of fun.

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