We can’t change EVERYTHING but we can change _some_ things, like ourselves.

It’s hard so don’t bother trying? Come on. Will labels continue? Sure. Others label us, we label ourselves. But stuff like this video is a good reminder just the same. We can’t change EVERYTHING but we can change _some_ things, like ourselves.


You sound like an extremist. No need to go to extremes. Everything or nothing? No, the message is primarily for individuals. Institutions don’t like to change. People don’t like to change either. But the message they give is simple enough: Look beyond the label at the person standing there. Will that magically fix everything? It can: for you, for that other person.

You want top-down change: there’s also bottom-up change.


I’m still working on myself. I’m far from done yet. I have no idea if it’s really possible for _anybody_ to entirely eliminate it, whether individually or institutionally. But it’s still worthy to try when you can.

Between the CB radio as a teenager and the Internet since ’89, I’ve been lucky: I’ve had a leg-up on it. Most of my contact with people has been no label: no gender, no race, no picture, no age, no location.. none of that.

Just the words they use.

When I engage with people in real life, I judge them by their eyes if I can see them and their facial expressions… the “air” about them.

But I try to hesitate in snap judgement of people unless I must. For me, it’s more an anti-stereotyping thing I’ve got: I don’t like being stereotyped, so I avoid doing it to others. Been one of my ‘missions’ since I was a kid. i don’t know what started it.


They’re useful at times but someone says to me “you’re just a 44 year old nerd typing on the Internet” is also just using adjectives – and even if it’s not entirely wrong, the vivid picture it paints can lead to additional connected stereotypings which may be false and change our interactions with the person.


Very true: although it makes me wonder: where’s the meritocracy? Even areas that are intended to be meritocracies end up being regular ol’ appointed-ocracies.


“Who you know” still seems to be the rule nearly universally, no matter what the claimed political system is.



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