We can handle much larger population densities.



We can handle much larger population densities. We will get more clever with resources. Worrying about “population control” in non first world countries is a form of xenophobia. The idea of offing the “less worthy” is old 19th century thinking and it amazes me ppl still think this way.


Fear keeps news going. Believe it if you like but there’s no more common headline than “doom and gloom” in our lifetimes. Gets old. Nobody checks the failures of these predictions. Last apocalyptic prediction to come true was….. None of them. What predictions did we get right from 40 yrs ago? How many more we got wrong? Too many prophets, now wearing lab coats preaching the same apocalypse so we’ll listen to them.


you act as if global warming is the only doom and gloom prediction anybody’s ever made. I’ve see many more predictions most wrong. Maybe this ones right. That’s fine. But what does this have to do with population control?

eh, while I _do_ believe it’s practical and pragmatic to make changes to human activities that make a better environment (part of a “give a hoot, don’t pollute” type of thing), I think a lot of the bru-haha is a bit “sky is falling”.

Still, they got people like the Pope and the Dalai Lama to make their speeches to their peoples, and the UN started giving it some serious talk, so I suppose it’s an “end justifies the means” and I’m ok with that in this case.

But I’m a “true believer” about very few things. I can see when something is a practical course to follow but my belief in it or lack of belief doesn’t matter.

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