Ways of understanding

Ways of understanding

Ways of Meaning:
Ways of Knowing: Observation, Objectiveness, Post-positivist, Facts, Reason, Relative
Ways of Being: Connections, Division, Emergence, Wholeness, Ideal, Matter, Unity, Objects, Existence, Reality, Simplification, Life
Ways of Studying: Disorder, Thinking, Control, Language, Environment, Perspective, Interpretation, Native, Cross-disciplinary, Interpretation, Story, Assumptions, Experience, Religious experience, Colonialism, Non-human, Postmodern, Deconstruction, Practicality, Psychology, LGBTQ+, Structure, Subjectiveness, System
Ways of Valuing: Freedom, Community, Global, Learning, Racism, Reality, Power, Context, Nature, Equality, Choice, Worldwide, Humanity, Intersecting, Liberty, Local, Class, Nothingness, Diversity
Ways of Imagination: Creativity, Innovation, Visioning, Speculation, Fantasy, Play, Imagination-based learning, Artistic expression, Storytelling, Future-oriented thinking, Possibility-thinking

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