Watching grown adults running around like children is a strange activity.

It’s sports. Sports are meant to be played by children and watched by parents. Watching grown adults running around like children is a strange activity.

And.. they charge money for this.

And… people pay….

And… other people get mad when they don’t pay…

AND people discuss hypothetical values of hypothetical activities of hypothetical people hypothetically watching hypothetical sports involving hypothetical money and hypothetical systems and using it all as metaphors for other things.

And… they’re doing it right now…

and… so am I…. fml.



Playing sports is great. Paying adults to play sports instead of you is strange.


I suppose. I always figured it must be boredom. Real life is dull or frustrating for them and getting emotionally attached to someone else and cheering and booing and feeling all sorts of feelings would be a way to leave daily life behind for a little while, I suppose.
 Internet’s my #1 entertainment option. Been on it for so long I forget it’s entertainment. So, I suppose people that get really into sports might have a similar relationship to sports as I do to the Internet.
 I’m discussing this thing as if it matters, just like people who get into sports get into it as if it matters. It’s a way to kill time before we die and I am grateful for it. So that being said, I’ll take the chain link fence option. Any speed Internet allowed so long as everybody gets to see all of it.
 That’s my theme song: the one on the right.
I have a similar one for IDGAF that turns the “fuck you IDGAF” into a motivational, “Do what you like IDGAF – I believe in you! Go for it”

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