Was anybody polled from traditional religious countries?

I have to take it with a grain of salt. I’d need to see the ages of the participants, where they come from, their level of education, what colleges did they attend (if any), religious background, were they polling married and unmarried, etc.

It’s too vague to “jump up” to “men this” / “women that”.

I _want_ to believe the study, because *I want* think it’s true… but the BS flags are raised here. Not intentional BS but bias.

Was anybody polled from traditional religious countries?

“U.S., the U.K. and India” they’re all culturally very similar countries when reading the levels of higher education, which would include people who typically are NOT already married and hence, available for online dating AND available for University Studies.

To those married at 18 years old? They would not be a part of these studies, would they?

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