Want to know what young people think publically? Just make a good comment on a popular youtuber’s channel. You’ll find out.

It’s probably far easier to get 18-24,who do still qualify as young people or youth, than it is to handle the red tape of doing surveys for people under 18.

I don’t know about Europe but in the USA, the whole thing gets to be a pain in the butt when surveying people under legal age to sign stuff.

System’s stacked against kids/teens globally. Gotta start someplace I suppose though.

Best way I think is right here. Online. Social media. Generation Z is here… all online just about. Just ask.

I made a comment once on a VSauce video about his stuff being the future of supplemental education and how self-directed learning will eventually be the norm, potentially obliterating school-as-we-know it FINALLY.

You won’t believe the awesome responses I got. I think it was on his “Why are things Creepy” video.

Wanna see how people under 18 think? Just go to the youtube comments section. Say something smart. Watch how the positive responses you get. We don’t need surveys to know that things need to change for young people and that they want it.

But if in doubt, ask. Make a great comment on a popular youtuber’s channel who just made a video. You may end up with hundreds of kids 8-18 responding and you’ll know JUST what they think.

School sucks. They can’t make money. They got no rights. They’re trapped in antiquated systems they can’t get out of. They’re over-tested. Have no independence. Take your pick of hot-button topic. You’ll get answers.


Ah here we are. It’s on the “Why are we morbidly curious?” video he did. Look at that like number. Look at those comments #’s. Ok it’s not a survey. But you want raw responses from young people? Here you go. Youtube’s a great public way to do it.why-are-we-morbidly-curious


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