want to be popular online? Easy. Reshare stuff that’s just starting to get popular before anybody else :P

It’s true.  Same here.  My Minecraft posts – even if it was something simple like an ad for my server, it would get likes and reshares.  Screenshots even more.  Even server stories.

But most successful Minecraft posts were the reshares of other people’s stuff.

My science stuff did well, when I was doing science stuff.

Even then, though, the reshares I did were always the most popular posts.  But then I was just a “link in the chain”; I find being original more satisfying and I don’t think likes and reshares are as important as sharing myself or what’s important to me.

But there’s nothing wrong with being popular.  If you start resharing what’s already popular, you’ll find yourself getting a lot of followers quickly.  But it’s a lot of work; you always have to stay “on top” of up-and-coming trends… the things that are just starting to get popular and jump on and reshare before others do.

It’s exhausting.  It’s obsessive.  And it’s kinda fun.  But – it works :)

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