Walking Wounded : We don’t hear much about them. How many people lost a tooth in the manchester bombing?

Whenever there is a horrible event where people die or even when nobody dies, the walking wounded is the class of people that I always found interesting.
You hear about the cause of majors events. A person or group or natural event (“act of God” events).
You’ll hear a little less but some about the people who died (if any), usually highlighting children or young couples or famous people. You’ll also hear some about the critically injured (but saveable) for a few days after the event but interest is lost if the saving is successful.
Moderate to serious injuries involve much larger numbers of people than the critically injured and dead usually but not much is heard of them.
But when you get to the level of the walking wounded? Almost nothing at all. Yet, there are usually a far greater amount of walking wounded than there are any other group, with the exception of the “news viewers” like us whose only connection is hearing the stories. The families of the various people’s are often mentioned but that is because they are a good source of interviews.
When you *do* hear of walking wounded, it’s typically psychological and trauma related which certainly serves a purpose as it’s also the most relatable with a far broader audience than “How to handle your leg being blown off” which isn’t something as “common terribles” as psychological trauma.
Yet there’s the physical aspects the walking wounded that I find curious.
Example: How many people had eye injuries after the manchester bombing? How many people twisted their ankles? How many people broke an arm or lost a tooth?
These are the kinds of things that could make events more real because they’re all things we’ve been exposed to in some form or another [I’ve never broken an arm but I lost a fingernail once – so “how many people lost nails due to being stepped on” during a trampling event would be interesting information because I could relate to the process as I can relate to that : not the trampling but rather to some of the after effects, and knowing “how many” would give me a tangible idea of the severity and scale.
Weird? yeah. But these are things that I always wondered about.


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