Walking in the dark and I saw something dance.

*I got to see a tiny light shining in the darkness and watch it dance.*

I took a walk up my driveway tonight.  Just a little five minute walk.

The moon is full but not overwhelmingly bright.

The first security light is missing a bulb, so the driveway was dark.  I could see the outlines of the vegetation on either side, but that was about it.

About halfway up the driveway, just before the second security light turns on, I saw a flash of light on my left side.

I turned – it was a firefly!

My first firefly of 2015!

I turned and watched it disappear into the darkness and reappear as it weaved its way through the deep woods, its light obscured by vegetation most of the time.

When it would disappear, I waited until the light would reappear, going further away and coming back again.

Then, it was gone.

Glad for the firefly showing itself, I turn around to walk back to the house instead of continuing on up the driveway.

Suddenly, on my right side, there’s a pin prick of light deep in the woods.  There was my firefly again.

I watched him appear and disappear through the vegetation for a few more minutes, and then I went back towards the house.

It was a worthy five minute walk.  I got to see a tiny light shining in the darkness and watched it dance.

Thank you little firefly!

-Kenneth Udut March 4, 2015, 7:17pm

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