Wait.. what do you mean he’s not talking about the building?

good thing I have the ability to convince my electrons to cooperate and line up their charges perfectly opposite the charges of the material I’m going through in order to slide in like two identical combs passing through each other.

Oh wait. He wants me to bring the building inside of me so the within is within me. Got it. Lemme just expand to 50 feet tall and….

… oh, that’s not what he means either. *sigh* I suppose I can invert myself so the inside is on the outside and the outside is on the inside and…

Nevermind. Where’s my cousin with the Rental company. He has a bulldozer.

I *could* melt the glass with my Superman vision and get in there.

Oh wait! The roof. I get it. It’s a play on words. There’s no DOOR, but there’s a HATCH! aHH… word play.

I _could_ get a jackhammer, go underneath the building and go up into it.

Maybe I can take him out to lunch, talk about Brahma and then he’ll let me in after a few games of darts and a dozen shots of Tequila. I’ll give him a good fight but I’ll let him win the last game so he can tell me where the door is.

Oh wait! I’ve got a sandblaster at home. I’ll just start shaving away the outside of the building ’til it’s thin enough and crumbles.


Wait.. what do you mean he’s not talking about the building?


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