^"Wait, we have a chapel here?^

^"Wait, we have a chapel here? And people are getting MARRIED? Now!?" Just when it seemed to be all about building castles, fighting, teamwork, adventures and mining for diamonds…

A Minecraft marriage took place on my server at: deercam2.3322.org just a half hour ago. Beefmanpie built a wedding chapel (/warp wedding) and agunning and benedikte11 – a guy and gal from new zealand – got married. I let the wedding chapel creator officiate the wedding…

We all waited as they prepared their vows…The rings were ready, the best man was in place…. filming was about to begin…


… SUDDENLY, before they could get married, nixa5436 got on the server, warped in and KILLED THE BRIDE with an enchanted iron sword as the bride stood at the altar!

The crowd was speechless! The minister gave her a /KICK

Then the bride came back to life and all was about to go as planned.


the minister suddenly lost connection! What were we to do?

Dragonxe17 who was the best man stepped in as the minister and Nixa was allowed to sit in the chapel and watch the wedding.

Then, before a visitor from Planet Minecraft could get started filming, the vows were spoken, they kissed and were married…. The photographer left, embarassed at missing that special moment. But there were no hard feelings.

People ask me, "What is Minecraft? Building blocks?"


You never know WHAT it's going to be.

It is what you make it.

And such is true, also, for life. It is what you make it.

I haven't played computer games, outside of Facebook things since the mid 90s. But this one, I understand. The people make it interesting.^

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