Wait! Pontoons have AIR in them right?

Wow, that’s better than anything I could do. Maybe more weight on the upper left… or some weight in the bottom center? Not sure about the physics of the engine you’re using. Could be that you have to lighten a little on the right… I’m imagining a rod going through the center of the ship from front to back through the middle right at the water line. That would separate the boat into four sides: Above water below water, left side of rod, right side of rod.

Wait! Pontoons have AIR in them right? They lift the boat on that side. So pontoons on the left will make the left higher, the right lower.

Maybe fewer pontoons on the left, more on the right? Or none on the left, some on the right?

Imagine a 3 yr old in the water with floaties on the arms. If you put one floatie on the left arm, only the left arm will float, the right side of their body would start to sink.

Their feet would go to the left, their head would start to go diagonal to the right in the water, much like your boat. Then the panicking caregiver will put a floatie on the other arm too

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