w logical the comparisons are.

I’ve had both. Honestly, it depends. I’ve been happy with my iPhone 4s. Reliable, dependable, no fussing about with settings and things. *but* the hacker side of me wouldn’t mind an Android where I *can* fuss about, change the battery, add memory, customize the Interface… so in the end, it all depends. I probably would have been fine with a good Droid too; but I’m really happy with my iPho…ne. I don’t think it’s a “better/worse” comparison – rather it’s like a “Cake/pie” “chips/cookies” comparison. They’ll both accomplish the same things; the difference is the day-to-day usage of it. You have to try them both and see. Specifications only tell a part of the story; cost tells only a part of the story… and in the end, it will be an emotional buy – which one you “feel” is the better one, no matter how logical the comparisons are.”

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