Vulcanization of Rubber. Th

Vulcanization of Rubber. The way this Indian woman is speaking, I feel as if I am being told a #fairytale – and she used the phrase *three dimensional matrix* Say the words *dimension* and *matrix* in the same phrase, and I’ll be your little boy and you can be mommy or daddy and tell me a bedtime story ’cause I’m gonna wanna hear the *whole story now*.

Am I kidding? Michio Kaku has put me to sleep many nights, listening to tales of the Universe. Truth or fairy tales – when its done right, they’re all the same when you’re tired, and equally soothing and relaxing. #Michiokaku

PS – I want to set this video to #dubstep – i just find the tempo. ’cause dubstep is slow and she talks slowly. And Yes, I was looking up the vulcanization of rubber for my research. I believe that #analogies are the key to #understanding everything. And Rubber has more and more amazing properties that I think may hold a key to how the #brain works – and, in fact how the fabric of reality is put together.

I’m still working on it, but this indian woman whose soothing voice makes me want to fall asleep, describing scientific and #industrial properties of rubber.. gave me a lot of information to chew on in just a few short minutes.

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