Vote dammit.

Voter apathy is huge among all age groups, unfortunately. My age range too. People older than me.

The thing for me is: I don’t care WHO votes for WHO(m)? [is it whom? idk].

But participating in the process matters. Give ppl a right to complain if they want. “Well, I didn’t vote that person in! I voted for the OTHER GUY.” [not voting at all, doesn’t really give a right to complain]

I usually vote contrary. Always kinda do. I’m independent. I won’t even convert to Democrat just to vote for Sanders in the primary, even though he fits “my profile”. I don’t like rallying: the emotional ups and down and stuff.

BUT if he makes it to the primaries, there’s a damn good chance I’ll vote for him.

But even if he doesn’t, I’ll STILL vote. It’s the process. It’s not _that bad_ of a country to live in, even for all the crap on the news, and voting once every four years isn’t that hard to do. You get a nifty sticker, a right to complain if things go wrong, you see the numbers change (“that 9? it would’ve been an 8 – but I voted! F’ YOU NON VOTER LAZY TYPES].

I also get a change to put a little blip in the system. Kinda anarchist of me in a way.

I usually vote whoever the “independent person” is. But even then, not always. I don’t even know WHO I’m gonna vote for ’til I get there – and I don’t even ALWAYS vote.

But I usually do. I might even do a write in for “deeznuts” – 15 yr old kid from Iowa, but I’m gonna wait and see who my choices are around June/July or so.

Hope Sanders gets there. People that are fighting for him to get in the primaries? I hope they keep it up.

As fo rme, I’ll be there November voting, no matter whose up. I hate politics, but I like being a citizen. Weird, but true.

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