vocation vs advocation

I had a guidance counselor at 23. Paid her like $50 at a local college. Told her I was deciding between music and going into computers for money-making purposes. Both hobbies – I was volunteering full time at the local Cerebral Palsy center and wasn’t working for money.

At the time, I was starting a record label with a friend who made some recordings of my piano playing at different churches. We were gonna be HUGE!

Anyway, she said I should “pursue both music and computers but consider this:”

Which is better as a vocation?
Which is better as an advocation?

Did I choose well? Well, I chose computers but kept my heart in music and kept my compositions between me and my Muse as it were.

Had I chosen music as money and computers as hobby, would I have been equally happy? Yes, I believe so. It was an equal choice and I still pursued both.

But I am merely a Case Study, not a role model. I had a choice between two equal choices; and only had to choose “which route will I choose to make money with?” I was more willing to make compromises with computers and do things I wouldn’t want to do with music, like kissing butt, smiling, doing tasks I’m assigned that I don’t care for.

For example, if I had to perform the same music over and over again, I would not have been happy.

But if I had to do data entry (which I did a number of times in jobs) and do the same thing over and over again could I? Yes, I could, and I did, even though I had *wanted* to do programming, which I eventually did.

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