VMware-mount works under Win7 64bit if you use the VDDK50u1 – horray :)

#vmware horray!
has a utility called vmware-mount under the /bin directory that lets you mount #virtualmachine as drives in your #Windows system. At least, it works under Win7 64-bit.

This means, I can copy files into my virtual machine easily, even if it’s an unsupported virtual machine :D #yay   :)

vmware-mount z: e:\iso\Wndows 3.1.vmdk”

made the files/folders on that virtual drive visible under command line.

[your virtual machine has to be POWERED OFF BTW]
you have to unmount (they call it “delete”) the connection BEFORE powering your virtual machine back up again… Just
vmware-mount /d z:

note – I had to use Administrator CMD – not the regular one… and it doesn’t seem to show up under Explorer, but who cares!

If you don’t know how to work around the command line… well… mounting drives might be something you should wait on doing just yet.  … not to be elitist or anything ’cause, well, command line navigation is kinda a good thing to know anyway.

Oh and

is what I used to copy the contents of a set of files and folders, even empty ones, to the mounted drive, which was Z: – and I created a directory called Paperport – because I was using an ancient piece of software.

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