Violence 2yr olds

Kalle Last had lunch. Caused delay. 
Well, that’s part of the reason why several artificial intelligence computers that don’t exist yet will have to be involved in the committees. 
The good thing about committees, is that not much gets done. It usually prevents The kinds of disasters you get with only a few people have quick access to quick change. 
It’s not brainwashing. Rather, it’s working with human nature in such a way that depictions of violence or the thought of being violent seems rather boring compared to a world of other things that are far more interesting. 
Example: is learning to walk still exciting? 
Unless you’re recovering from a stroke, it’s probably not all that exciting to you. 
Likewise with violence, belongs in the realm of the two-year-olds. It’s a stage to go through and no one should be denied that stage. 
How it would be done successfully? I don’t know yet. 
But I believe it’s possible without coercion, because that would be another form of violence would it not?

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