#Vine New update. The loo

#Vine New update. The loop counts are fun and, once you get to the modified navigation, it’s great EXCEPT:

You can’t see new posts from people you don’t yet know by going to the Channels.

The Channels highlight people who are already popular now.

Previously, you could see what was ”New” on a channel – it was democratic. Now Its a two part service: One to highlight popular viners (who are already popular) and another service where you can share videos and private messages with people you already know.

You can search through hashtags and find new people that way too, but I had really liked the feature of being able to, say, look at comedy and see what were the posts in the last few minutes. I like discovering new talent, not looking at the same old popular people.

Popular people get boring (to me). I like new. I’m in the minority though but anyway, I still love the service but that was a bit of a disappointment to see that ”New” button go away. Hopefully they’ll bring it back. Perhaps it was an oversight – a ”maybe they won’t notice its gone” type of thing. Time will tell.

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