*Video Games Won’t Kill You

*Video Games Won’t Kill You* A repost of a reply I made of a *kids today* type thing.

I’m not too worried about the kids overall. It’s the parents that I worry about – their worrying about their kids and obsessively chasing after chores and such is gonna kill ‘em.

The kids will be fine. I turned out fine. I bet you turned out fine – wait – you’re here – so you’re fine. And yeah, some kids won’t make it – and addictions that lead to death are always hanging there as potentialities.

Video games will probaby not kill you. the Internet will probably not kill you. Going outside will probably not kill you. Even drug and alcohol addictions will probably not kill you, if you have family/friends that will EVENTUALLY get you help. Although I hear the process of recovery is absolute torture for everybody.

Hell, even SUICIDE ATTEMPTS probably won’t kill you. Most fail. Of course some succeed.

But do you know what WILL most likely kill you?

Your bathroom. Death Zone of every home. AFAIK, statistics still bear that fact as true.

But nobody worries about bathrooms.

Truth is stranger and more normal than the fictions our minds come up with.#


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