video games are fine.

Old is relative. It really is. If you compare yourself to yourself as an adolescent, then you might consider yourself old to be a adolescent.

28 is an interesting age. There seems to be a weird kind of gap at 27 and then some kind of nesting phase happens at 28 and beyond. I did some kind of statistical study of general impressions of “acting like a [xx] year old” and there was an amazing gap at 27, after years of expectations of 26 down to 1. At 28, people start saying “acting like a 28 year old” and beyond again. I stuck it in a few places but anyway, it was satisfying enough for me to know.

Anyway… we share the same birthday. Happy birthday! January 28th here too, Ben Knob I’m 43 now.

Video games? They’re great. Stopped playing at 16 in 1988 when ppl said it was “for kids and going no where”. They were wrong. Then again, instead of becoming a video game programmer like I wanted, I found modems and the early Internet and followed that course.

Minecraft and a ne brought me back again.

Anyway, video games are fine. In my mom’s day, which was the late 50s when she was a teen [I was a teen in the 80s – feel bad for me please] – comic books were of the devil yet she read them all. Same with video games. They get villified and for what? Some ppl are drawn to violence in real life whether or not they play games. Most people aren’t whether or not they play video games. Society lives on.

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